Truth or Consequences

So you may have noticed in some of my photos that I pretty much always have a scarf wrapped around my neck. At the risk of sounding a bit pretentious, I won’t wear just any old scarf at this point in my life. I pretty much only wear scarves made by the astoundingly talented and beautiful, Jeannie Ortiz, of New Tribe Textiles. I came upon her work by chance, but I’ve never looked back ever since. I mean if you’re gonna invest in something, I believe it should be something made with heart, that you absolutely love, and that you know you’re going to wear all of the time. And after wearing Jeannie’s scarves, any other scarf that I put on now just feels wrong.

When I knew that I’d be spending some time in New Mexico, I took the chance and reached out to her to see if I could visit her studio, and also squeeze in a little collaborative project between New Tribe Textiles and Bohemian Folk (more to come on that later on). She graciously said “yes” to this crazy New Tribe fanatic who she’d never met before. The experience of traveling down to the quirky and eccentric little town of Truth or Consequences didn’t disappoint. Jeannie and her partner, Kyle, have got it goin’ on. They are two true visionary spirits, who have carved out an enviable life of full-time creativity for themselves in this tiny bohemian enclave in southern New Mexico. They were gracious enough to take my family to visit a nearby magical and secluded lake where there was literally not another soul (how often do you have an entire lake to yourself?) as well as let us spend the night at their adorable guest house. I was like a kid in a candy shop following Jeannie around their homestead (equipped with their very own artesian well) and watching her work her mystical loom. It was a trip well-worth the three hour drive south. Not only to witness the inspired lifestyle that Jeannie and Kyle live, but also to make two new friends who I’m sure we’ll be bumping into again in the not-so-far off future.