How do I care for my Bohemian Folk clothing?

You really don’t have to do anything special to care for your Bohemian Folk garment. You can wash and dry it just like you do with all of your other clothing. Now, that being said, we think that people generally tend to over-launder their clothing. You really don’t need to wash your clothes every time you wear them. And here’s a little secret, if you hand-wash cold your clothing and lay it flat to dry, it’ll last you longer.

Will the dye bleed on my garment?

You’ll want to wash your garment separately the first couple times you wash it as the color may initially bleed.

Will my garment shrink?

Your garment has been pre-shrunk so that the” big shrink” that initially happens with natural fibers has already occurred in the dye studio, not in your home dryer.

Will the color of my garment fade?

The color of your Bohemian Folk garment will fade slightly after multiple washes. This is due to the nature of our natural fibers and low-impact dyes and is part of the beauty and integrity of the garment, giving them a slightly “vintage” look. Like all things that age gracefully, you’ll find that you’ll love and embrace your Bohemian Folk garment even more over time.