Bohemian Folk Design Portfolio

Mini Skirt

A-line Skirt

Maxi Skirt

Drawstring Maxi Skirt

Mini Wrap Skirt

A-line Wrap Skirt

Maxi Wrap Skirt

Double Layer Mini Skirt

Double Layer A-Line Skirt

Double Layer Maxi Skirt

Layergirl Skirt

Fleece Mini Skirt

Fleece A-Line Skirt

Big Pockets Maxi Skirt

Big Pockets Skirt


Capped Sleeve Drawstring Top

Long Sleeve Drawstring Top

Sleeveless Wrap Top

Short Sleeve Wrap Top

Long Sleeve Wrap Top

Sleeveless Babydoll Top

Short Sleeve Babydoll Top

Long Sleeve Babydoll Top

Butterfly Top

Cropped Raglan Top

Farm Girl Tee

Racerback Tank Top

Cropped Racerback Tank Top

Princess Tank Top

Short Sleeve Princess Top

Long Sleeve Princess Top

Desierto Top

Drifter Top

Kiss My Shoulder Top

Hacienda Top

Farrah Top

The Tank Top

The Short Sleeve T-Shirt

The Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The Not-So-Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Short Sleeve Ballerina Top

Long Sleeve Ballerina Top

Short Sleeve Camino Top

Long Sleeve Camino Top

Short Sleeve Pueblito Top

Long Sleeve Pueblito Top

Sleeveless Reversible Wrap Top

Short Sleeve Reversible Wrap Top

Long Sleeve Reversible Wrap Top

Vagabond Top

Sandstorm Tank Top

Free Spirit Halter Top

Cropped Tube Top

Boho Essential Tank Top

Desierto Dress

Sleeveless Babydoll Dress

Short Sleeve Babydoll Dress

Long Sleeve Babydoll Dress

Capped Sleeve Drawstring Dress

Long Sleeve Drawstring Dress

Sleeveless Wrap Dress

Short Sleeve Wrap Dress

Long Sleeve Wrap Dress

Long Sleeve Hobo Dress

Short Sleeve Hobo Dress

Butterfly Dress

Drifter Dress

Farm Girl Dress

Hacienda Dress

The Tank Dress

The Hestia Dress

Sleeveless Hestia Dress

Vagabond Dress

Farrah Dress

Princess Tank Dress

Short Sleeve Princess Dress

Long Sleeve Princess Dress

Short Sleeve Camino Dress

Long Sleeve Camino Dress

Kiss My Shoulders Dress

Short Sleeve Pueblito Dress

Long Sleeve Pueblito Dress

Short Sleeve Ballerina Dress

Long Sleeve Ballerina Dress

The Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

The Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

The Not-So-Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

Sandstorm Tank Dress

Wide Leg Pants

Boot Leg Pants

Skirted Wide Leg Pants

Skirted Boot Leg Pants

Wide Leg Drawstring Pants

Skirted Wide Leg Drawstring Pants

The Legging

The Cropped Legging

Skirted Leggings

Skirted Cropped Leggings

Big Pockets Pants

Big Pockets Shorts

Out and About Shorts

Shortie Shorts

The Skort

Capped Sleeve Jumpsuit

Capped Sleeve Shortie Jumpsuit

The Jumpsuit

The Shortie Jumpsuit

Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Sleeveless Shortie Jumpsuit

Bonfire Jacket

Short Bonfire Jacket

Harvest Sweater

Harvest Dress

Hooded Fleece Princess Sweater

Hooded Fleece Princess Dress

Hooded Fleece Wrap Top

Hooded Fleece Wrap Dress

Fleece A-line Skirt

Fleece Mini Skirt

Fleece Wide Leg Pants

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