Who is Bohemian Folk?

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What is Bohemian Folk’s mission?

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Why do you only offer limited styles in solid colors?

At Bohemian Folk, we are guided by simplicity. Instead of offering an endless cycle of trends, we focus on offering the “one” of everything a woman wears; from the one t-shirt, to the one skirt, to the one pair of leggings. Our organic basics are offered in earth-inspired colors that mix, match, and layer beautifully so that you can be more with Less. Read more about our “simple” revolution here.

How do you ensure quality?

It starts with choosing high quality sustainable fabrics and the most eco-friendly dyes on the planet. Next, a great deal of thought goes into creating the perfect pattern for each style. Finally, each and every piece of clothing that goes out the door to you is overseen personally by owner and designer, Leslie Navia.

I’ve noticed that the color of my garment has a different quality and look to it than what I am used to. How come?

Because our garments are dyed in small batches, variations in the dye are normal, and considered part of the beauty of the garment, not a flaw. Also, due to the “natural” nature of our hemp and organic cotton, they take dyes differently than other chemically processed fabrics, making them look notably more “earthy”-just the way we like it!

Where do you make your clothes?

We make all of our clothing right here in Chicago. Our clothing is made by both owner and designer Leslie Navia in her home studio, as well as by a handful of trusted local Chicago-based garment-workers .

What kind of dyes do you use?

Our garments are dyed with fiber reactive dyes. Read more about our low-impact dyeing program here

Where is your clothing dyed?

Our clothing is dyed post-production, using low-impact dyes. Our garments are dyed just for you, right inside our own in-house dye studio. Because of the nature of small-batch dyeing, garments oftentimes have slight variations in color. This is part of the beauty of the garment, and is not considered a flaw. This is what makes your Bohemian Folk garment unique, and well, a little bit bohemian after all.

What fabrics do you use to make your clothing?

All of our clothing is made with a blend of hemp and organic cotton. Read more about these sustainable fibers here

I’ve never worn hemp before. What is it like?

Hemp is similar to cotton in many ways, although it has a slightly “nubby” look and feel to it. Blended with organic cotton, it doesn’t look much different than any other cotton garment that you’ve owned, except that it’s notably a little bit more natural and “earthy” looking (which is one of the reasons we love it so much).

Do you offer custom alterations for your clothing?

We offer free hem alterations on our clothing. Each product description contains the standard length that the garment comes in. Please read that description when ordering and if you’d like your garment to be shorter than the standard length, please send us a note with your specifications when you place your order, or send us an e-mail with your measurements at info@bohemianfolkclothing.com within 24 hours of purchase.