I really should retract what I said a while back about either finishing a knitting project within a month, or never finishing it ever. This one here took me a cool four months. And while I was definitely not knitting several hours every day, I was pretty consistent about it most days, fitting in a half hour here, and a half hour there when I could. So when all was said and done, I don’t think I could have finished any quicker.

I used the same pattern as my last sweater (Casco Bay Cardi by Quince & Co.) with a variety of different colored skeins from Manos de Uruguay. While this was supposed to be just a simple cardigan, I decided to make into a sweater coat by simply making it longer with increased stitches, and then picking back up the stitches at the collar and adding on several inches to make a cowl neck.

I’m sure I feel this way about every knitting project that comes off my needles, but this one really is my favorite. I mean, it is leading me to completely ignore all other sweaters that I own. I am wearing it all hours of the day (including while I sleep). And I have no plans to take it off any time soon. It is so warm and so soft. Maybe this is what it feels like to be a sheep?

Now I know that not all of you reading here are knitters, but maybe I could attempt to convert you? When you finish a monumental project such as this one, it really does remind you that good things in life really do take time, and effort, and patience. But if you’re willing to wait it out, the rewards are great.