It’s Thanksgiving weekend. I do not have any photos to share of the laborious, home-cooked seasonal feast that I prepared. Why? Because it didn’t happen and pretty much never does. I’m lucky if I can get the kids dressed, and out the door to go to whatever home we’ve been invited to. This year, after spending Thursday at my mom’s, we then headed up to my in-laws’ house in Michigan. And truthfully, the best part of this whole weekend wasn’t the “togetherness” of Thanksgiving. It was the “aloneness” that I am afforded when we land at grandma and grandpa’s house (or “los abuelos” as we call them). The first thing my husband and I do upon arrival is dump the kids at the door, and then jump in the car to go sit and drink a coffee. alone. I mean really, this is what I was thankful for this Thanksgiving. A little peace, quiet, and damn good cup of joe that I could carry with me as I enjoyed a walk along Lake Michigan¬†sans children. To all you moms out there, I hope that you also, were lucky enough to enjoy a bit of “aloneness” in the midst of all of the “togetherness” that defines Thanksgiving.